Bring Your Favorite Dish Without Making a Mess

The holidays are a fun time to show off your signature dish. If you have been invited to a party and want to transport food, a few precautions can make the trip easier. At Patriot Hyundai, we want you to have fun this holiday without worrying about food spills in your car.

Start with a container that keeps your food secure. A tight-fitting lid that doesn't allow for spills is perfect for travel.

If you don't have a secure container, use a cardboard box. Wrap a towel around the food to keep it warm. Add in extra towels so the food isn't going to move around.

Protect your floor ahead of time. Use a garbage bag to keep liquid from oozing into the carpet of your car floor. If your food accidentally spills, the garbage bag should protect your floor.

Enjoy yourself this holiday season and travel with food safely.

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