Keeping Our Little Gremlins Safe

As a parent or caregiver, Halloween can be a stressful time as kids run amuck through the streets dressed as their favorite characters. To ensure your kid's safety, we at Patriot Hyundai have a few tips to pass along to your little monsters as they navigate the candy-filled streets.

Companionship: If possible, it is always recommended that you accompany your kids throughout the night, so they have someone to rely on when navigating the streets. Being able to tell your child when it is okay to cross the street will ensure your child stays safe.

Bring out the Lanterns: Lights are an important tool for those who venture out to collect their bounty of candy. You don't have to carry around a lantern, but a flashlight goes a long way when notifying drivers of your presence.

Parents, keep your kids safe on this wonderful holiday with these tips. We hope the dentist bill is not too high.

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