Avoid the Mistake of Following These Oil Myths

Motor oil myths can damage your engine and your bank account. To help you avoid trouble, we will now dispel a couple oil myths, with the help of the Patriot Hyundai auto service team.

According to one myth, a long trip's preparation checklist must include an oil change. In fact, long trips do not add stress to your engine's oil. You should only conduct oil changes at the odometer readings indicated by your auto's owner's manual. Of course, if you realize before a trip that you will need an oil change in the middle of the journey, you can simply change your oil early.

Some drivers believe changing their oil filters less frequently than their oil is okay. If you follow this dubious practice, you could encounter costly repairs. Change your filter every time you change your oil!

At Patriot Hyundai in Bartlesville, OK, our team of certified technicians can conveniently change your oil for you. Call us to book your appointment!

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